Painted Pieces

Selection of pieces that are for sale or have been painted here at Hillbillys

Commission – Napoleonic Blue

Finished with Clear wax.

Commission – Provence

Finished with clear wax

Commission – Chateau Grey and Original

finished in clear wax

Commission – Graphite and Barcelona Orange

Finished in clear and black wax

Painted in the new Rodwell from the Charleston collection – SOLD

Commission – Graphite and Barcelona Orange

finished in Clear and black wax

Commission – Paloma

finished with Clear wax

Painted in Duck egg blue

finished with Clear wax and dark wax. SOLD

Slim line chest of drawers vintage piece,

82.5cm high x 46cm wide x 29cm depth


Small wooden box

25cm wide  x 17cm high x 16cm depth

half moon hall table

vintage piece solid wood


Metal Arch Mirror (suitable for outside)

H: 77cm W: 49cm D: 1cm. £45

H: 60cm W: 36cm D: 1cm. £29


painted metal decor panel

£20 each or 2 for £30


wooden bedside cabinet (before)

 bedside cabinets (after)

painted in Emperors silk

Wall Bhudda head £30

H: 68cm W: 40cm D: 12cm

 can be painted in any colour